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ESG: A Corporate Social Credit System backed by UN & WEF

When big corporations like Target or Bud Light go blatantly Woke, to the detriment of their shareholders and profits, you might ask yourself what exactly they are doing, and why.

This is where ESG comes in. ESG is Environment, Social, and Governance, three pillars of a pervasive type of corporate social credit score that businesses are pressured or incentivized to abide by.

On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand invited Samuel Gregg, Distinguished Fellow in Political Economy at AIER, to discuss the origins of ESG, how its being applied, and its ties to the UN SDGs and the World Economic Forum. They also explore its role in reflecting, promoting, and shaping Woke ideology.

Use these shortcuts to navigate the topics presented in the video:
0:00 – intro
1:55 – Origins of ESG
4:03 – Stakeholder Capitalism
6:45 – How did ESG ascend so quickly?
11:15 – The Great Reset
13:33 – the ESG Cartel & Central Planning
21:40 – How did the UN & WEF become so powerful?
25:25 – America’s Achilles Heel
31:05 – Malthusian Flavour of ESG
35:40 – Carbon Markets & ‘Green’ Economy
38:00 – Why would you destroy your company?
46:46 – Confronted with Reality
51:43 – Legal Solutions in Corporate Law
56:06 – Europe’s Self-Inflicted Decline
58:32 – Hope for America?
1:00:43 – Last Thoughts

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