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Soracom Adds Generative AI Capability to IoT Connectivity

Three new services expand access to AI-driven insights for IoT.

Soracom, Inc., a global provider of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, today announced three new services designed to help IoT deployments take advantage of the power and promise of generative AI (GenAI).

These new services, named Soracom Query, Soracom Relay, and Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence, can work together or separately to analyze IoT device data on the fly or connect devices to the powerful AI/ML capabilities now available through leading hyperscale platforms.

Soracom Relay lets customers use any existing RTSP/RTP-compatible camera to acquire and securely transmit audio and video data to Soracom’s Harvest Files for storage or to a cloud destination, such as AWS S3 or Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, for computer vision and video analytics. Soracom Query lets customers use SQL queries from BI tools or CLI to mine IoT device data with no need to set up their own servers or storage. This managed data warehouse capability with automatic data loading makes it easy to run complex analytical queries on large IoT datasets and feed the results to machine learning (ML) projects. Both services are now available in technical preview to interested Soracom customers.

Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence, now available in public beta, enhances Soracom’s existing serverless data storage and visualization capability with the ability to apply GenAI to analyze time series data and identify trends, patterns, outliers, and abnormalities. Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence can also use the data provided to perform further analysis. For example, a municipality can use Soracom Relay to monitor road traffic while Harvest Data Intelligence analyzes the data stored and Soracom Query can guide decisions on the best times to schedule road repairs, or to predict how changes in traffic patterns will impact existing infrastructure.

Kenta Yasukawa, CTO and Co-Founder of Soracom, said:

“Applying GenAI to analyze IoT data has the potential to discover insights that are beyond our imagination,”

“As a technology partner to the companies building tomorrow’s connected experiences, we’re committed to delivering leading-edge capabilities that accelerate their innovation and help them to succeed at scale and stay one step ahead in a changing world.”

In keeping with that commitment, Soracom has also established an IoT x GenAI Lab with Matsuo Institute, Inc., which conducts research and development projects in AI sharing the vision of Matsuo Lab, University of Tokyo. The IoT x GenAI Lab will explore the potential to gain new insights from diverse IoT data using Gen AI, develop new products, and provide professional services specializing in the area of Generative AI, including IoT and Large Language Models (LLMs).

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