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Content Delivery Network: Why Is It Critical for Streaming Platforms

Running a successful video streaming platform requires ensuring a seamless viewing experience for users. Content providers utilize many tools to enhance the delivery process. They do their best to make sure that their customers get the best picture quality possible.

One of the significant ways to empower the high-quality experience is utilizing a CDN (content delivery network). Its main aim is to deliver content to viewers anywhere with low latency. OTT channel launch is almost impossible without a CDN. But let’s talk about it and its role in detail.

What is a CDN?

A CDN (content delivery network) is a network of servers strategically distributed in various geographical locations. Content from an origin server is cached on edge servers, otherwise known as points of presence (PoPs).

CDN operates in tandem with the rest of the infrastructure of streaming platforms to deliver content to viewers quickly and efficiently. They increase the speed, reduce latency, and improve the overall performance and user experience.

Detailed Overview of the Significance of CDN

Let’s explore the significance of a content delivery network for streaming platforms:

Improved delivery process

CDNs are reducing the distance between a content provider and an end-user. They store cached content on edge servers that are located closer to viewers. In other words, when a user requests a video to play, it is transmitted not from an origin server but from the one near the user. By this, streaming platform providers reduce the distance required for delivery, decrease latency and increase the speed.

Latency is those annoying lags when a viewer waits for a video to load. Since the CDN positions its servers in different locations worldwide, these servers can be located closer to viewers, ensuring a quicker delivery and reduced latency. As a result, people get a smooth video playback experience.

Load balancing

Another advantage of a content delivery network is load balancing. When you have spikes in traffic, origin servers can become overloaded, which might lead to slowing down the delivery or even operation failures.

CDNs can distribute the load across multiple servers, balancing the traffic and preventing any server from going down. This is also very helpful during DDoS attacks when your service experiences a plethora of requests in a short period of time. This attack aims at disabling your platform, and a CDN can handle it, mitigating the consequences.

The load balancing results in efficient delivery and scalability, which is essential when you have increases in traffic. Moreover, it ensures security crucial for content creators.

Selecting a CDN

Generally, a CDN helps deliver content to any place, allowing a streaming platform to become a global service. However, not all content providers want to reach people worldwide. For example TVALB streams albanian tv to users in USA ans Canada. For this reason, content provider needs a CDN provider that will have a presence in regions where the target audience is concentrated.

Another critical thing about CDNs is their network capacity to handle the traffic demands of the streaming platform. Ensuring consistent content delivery also requires a robust infrastructure and high availability.

A content provider would also want to evaluate CDN performance, tracking response times, throughput, and latency. And finally, consider pricing and ensure that it suits your budget.

Final Thoughts

CDN software is crucial for streaming platforms since it ensures smooth content delivery to any place in the world. It provides uninterrupted video playback since servers are located closer to a user requesting content to play.

Furthermore, CDN secures your platform from DDoS attacks and empowers scalability, which is vital during traffic spikes. Make sure you choose the right CDN provider to run your streaming service.

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