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GOP Rep. Ken Buck warns Congress is ‘behind’ on AI, suggests commission to streamline development

A GOP lawmaker leading on Congress’ response to Big Tech is calling for a commission to streamline the U.S.’s development of artificial intelligence technology, warning that Congress is moving ‘too slow’ on the rapidly advancing sector.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., teamed up with Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu and Anna Eshoo this week to introduce the National AI Commission Act, which calls for a panel of 20 experts across various facets of AI to convene and advise the U.S. government on the risks and opportunities associated with it. 

‘I think that we should look at this bill very closely and move it very quickly,’ Buck told Fox News Digital. ‘But I think we should take our time in putting the commission together, make sure we get the right people, take our time with what the right ideas are and how to approach this.’

Buck has long been one of Capitol Hill’s most ardent opponents of the unchecked expansion of Big Tech. He confessed Congress was moving at a slow, ‘deliberative’ pace on AI, as it usually does, but argued that the commission would aid in those deliberations.

‘It took a few years to figure out what Congress wanted to do with the internet, and the mistake that was made back then was that they didn’t follow up every year on how to make it even better,’ Buck said.

He continued: ‘And that’s what I think we need to do with this commission, is keep it in place long enough so that we can see some of the results of the legislation and regulation that’s been happening.’

‘I think we’re behind now,’ Buck responded when asked if he was worried about Capitol Hill falling behind on AI. 

‘Congress is intended to act slow. We don’t want laws passed that affect the entire country overnight, so it really is a deliberative process. And I think that this commission will help with that deliberative process,’ he said, comparing the breakneck pace of AI development today to the rise of the internet. 

Many lawmakers who have urged action on AI have compared it to the web and social media when warning colleagues to get ahead of its development to better manage the potential risks.

‘I hope Congress stays on top of this and doesn’t just shirk its responsibilities and walk away and say, ‘We did it,’ and now it’s over,’ Buck cautioned. ‘We learned a lot from the first five, six years of the internet, that Congress could have avoided some of the problems that we saw 20 years later.’

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS